Manufacturing architectural finishes of the finest quality including mature slaked lime plaster, decorative cements, and other innovative surfaces.

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Texston has lead and shaped the decorative plaster industry for over 20 years. With projects in Japan, China, Dubai, Europe, Central America, and across the US, our products are chosen for versatility, durability, environmental friendliness, and customer support.

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2021 Featured Collections

Classico Lime Paint Collection
Classico Lime Wash

An easy-to-apply limestone wash to add color over plaster.

BluFlor Cement Plaster Collection

Natural limestone plasters designed to protect and enhance buildings inside and out.

Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

A natural mineral lime plaster traditionally used in the palaces, hammams, and bathrooms of the Riads in Morocco.

Veneciano Lime Plaster Collection
Antico™ Lime Plaster

A medium-fine aggregate, aged lime-paste plaster.

Marmorino Lime Plaster Collection
Ortex™ Stucco Color Coat

A decorative, integrally colored finish to create a hard smooth-trowelled finish or a gritty “old-world” look.

2022 Featured Textures


Tuscany Cement Plaster


Terra Cement Plaster


Tuscany Cement Plaster


Tuscany Cement Plaster