Antico Lime Plaster Collection

Antico Lime Plaster

A medium-fine aggregate, aged lime paste-plaster derived from the combination of lime putty, marble flour, and dolomite aggregate.

Classico Lime Paint Collection

Dottinato Lime Plaster

A wet, slaked lime plaster containing black crushed granite.

Classico Lime Paint Collection


A premixed paste composed of marble dust and plus polymer admixtures to improve workability and durability.

Marmorino Lime Plaster Collection

Marmorino Lime Plaster

A coarse, aggregate, aged-lime paste plaster that is a result of the combination of lime putty, marble flour, and washed sea sand.

Palazzo Lime Plaster Collection

Palazzo Lime Plaster

A medium-fine, aggregate lime paste-plaster that resulted from a combination of lime putty and carrera marble aggregate.

Palazzo Lime Plaster Collection

Palladino Lime Plaster

A lime plaster available in glossy, completely matte, or mat with natural shading.

Veneciano Lime Plaster Collection

Veneciano Lime Plaster

The finest lime paste plaster, a slightly translucent aggregate-free paste.