Antico Lime Plaster Collection

Antico Lime Plaster

A medium-fine aggregate, aged lime paste-plaster derived from the combination of lime putty, marble flour, and dolomite aggregate.

BluFlor Cement Plaster Collection

BluFlor™ Cement Plaster

A traditional “old world” plaster comprised of limestone-cement and coarse sands and aggregates.

Classico Lime Paint Collection

Classico™ Lime Paint

A limestone putty-based emulsion that follows in the footsteps of a 3,000 year old tradition.

Classico Lime Paint Collection

Dottinato Lime Plaster

A wet, slaked lime plaster containing black crushed granite.

Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

Frascatti Artisan Plaster

A wet-paste product comprised of an acrylic base and a fine natural dolomite aggregate.

Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

GlassStone™ Artisan Plaster

A multiple effects decorative coating with mica flakes, glass spheres and luster.

Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

Hydrolime™ Plaster

A striking line of natural hydraulic lime NHL plasters suitable for interiors and exteriors, base coats, and finish coats.

Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

Tadelakt Plaster

A natural mineral lime plaster traditionally used in the palaces, hammams, and bathrooms of the Riads in Morocco.

Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

Impasto Acrylic Artisan Plaster

An acrylic-gesso paste most commonly used as a structuring medium to create smooth or dimensional textures.

Kurkarit Cement Plaster Collection

Kurkarit Cement Plaster

A unique, extra-coarse plaster, comprised of limestone cement, Mediterranean desert sand, and unique marble aggregate.

Kurkarit Cement Plaster Collection


A heavy-bodied paint used to create a concrete look or a variety of plaster looks.

Marmorino Lime Plaster Collection

Marmorino Lime Plaster

A coarse, aggregate, aged-lime paste plaster that is a result of the combination of lime putty, marble flour, and washed sea sand.

Marmorino Lime Plaster Collection

Ortex Stucco Color Coat

A decorative, integrally colored finish to create a hard smooth-trowelled finish or a gritty “old-world” look.

Palazzo Lime Plaster Collection

Palazzo Lime Plaster

A medium-fine, aggregate lime paste-plaster that resulted from a combination of lime putty and carrera marble aggregate.

Palazzo Lime Plaster Collection

Palladino Lime Plaster

A lime plaster available in glossy, completely matte, or matte with natural shading.

Palazzo Lime Plaster Collection

ShellStone™ Artisan Plaster

An acrylic-based paste containing with a metallic luminescence.

Silkstone Artisan Plaster Collection

SilkStone™ Artisan Plaster

An acrylic based paste containing fine mica flakes that give the product a metallic luminescence.

Terra Cement Plaster Collection

Terra Cement Plaster

A Mediterranean style dehydrated limestone-cement-plaster made with medium-fine sand.

Tuscany Cement Plaster Collection

Tuscany Cement Plaster

A plaster comprised of limestone-cement plaster and coarse sands and aggregates.

Veneciano Lime Plaster Collection

Veneciano Lime Plaster

The finest lime paste plaster, a slightly translucent aggregate-free paste.