Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

Frascatti Artisan Plaster

A wet-paste product comprised of an acrylic base and a fine natural dolomite aggregate.

GlassStone Artisan Plaster Collection

GlassStone™ Artisan Plaster

A multiple effects decorative coating with mica flakes, glass spheres and luster.

Frascatti Artisan Plaster Collection

Impasto Artisan Plaster

An acrylic-gesso paste most commonly used as a structuring medium to create smooth or dimensional textures.

Silkstone Artisan Plaster Collection

SilkStone™ Artisan Plaster

An acrylic based paste containing fine mica flakes that give the product a metallic luminescence.

Palazzo Lime Plaster Collection

ShellStone™ Artisan Plaster

An acrylic-based paste with a metallic luminescence.