Calming, sophisticated, romantic. If you’re ready to see the world through rose-colored glasses, our Pink Collection will help you do just that. From our cement plasters, lime plasters, and Hydrolime plasters, we have all the pink textures you desire to introduce a lighthearted warmth to your space.

Pink can succeed as both a neutral color and as an accent. Inject a sweet pop of optimism to your interiors or calm the senses with a moodier, subdued, neutral hue. Today’s “Pinks” are neither feminine nor masculine, differing from the pastel palettes that were the epitome of 1950s design. Rather, the pinks of today merge that retro style with the modern era, and our Pink Collection offers a range of shades that reflect the trend’s androgynous appeal.

Unlike paint, our mineral limestone cements and plasters are long lasting and add a visually absorbing depth to any interior or exterior surfaces. If you’d like guidance on any project, our skilled and devoted staff are here to help you customize the most perfect custom-tailored surfaces to achieve your goals. We’re here to assist you with training, technical knowledge, installation, and on-site support to ensure a quality finish.

If you’re ready to create a space that is as sophisticated as it is playful, the Pink Collection by Texston is here for you. Explore all the options right here on our site! Our featured pink finishes come in Terra, Tuscany, Veneciano, and Hydrolime.

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