Artisan Acrylic Plasters

(wet product)

Texstōn Frascati IE

Frascati is a wet-paste product comprised of an acrylic base and a fine natural dolomite aggregate. It is a tintable white plaster that can be used to create multiple decorative textures and effects. It is an ideal base coat for washes, glazes, Veneciano and SilkStone.

Texstōn Impasto

An acrylic-gesso paste most commonly used as a structuring medium. Impasto can be used to create smooth surfaces or dimensional textures. It acts as a base to many other Texstōn products. With this product it is possible to imitate many fine Venetian stuccos as well as mimic leathers, metal, antiqued plasters and iridescent finishes. It can also be used to create embossed and relief stencil effects. It can be applied with a spatula, sponge, or any tool which the artist or decorator feels will achieve the desired texture. It is suitable for interior application only.

Texstōn Silkstone

An acrylic based paste containing fine mica flakes that give the product a metallic luminescence. A variety of looks can be created from monochromatic to variegated or multi-colored. It is easily tinted to most any color. SilkStone is among the easiest of products to apply. This can be done with trowel, spatula, brush or roller.

Texstōn Shellstone

An acrylic-based paste containing the choice of very fine copper, gold, silver, bronze or black mica flakes that give the product a metallic luminescence. With the option to use small, medium, or large-sized mica, Shellstone can yield 15 different monochromatic, variegated, multi-colored finishes. It is easily tinted for most colors.