Natural Mineral Limestone Cement Plasters

(dry product)

Texstōn Terra

A Mediterranean style dehydrated limestone-cement-plaster made with medium-fine sand. Terra contains TexSton’s proprietary polymers and additives. The unique polymer additive in Terra creates a product with superb adhesion, workability, and high level of flexibility. This polymer also helps minimize unsightly cracks and helps repel water, while allowing walls to breathe. Terra works especially well when creating frescoed backgrounds, scarified finishes, stenciled patterns, or embossed surfaces. It creates looks ranging from fine suede to distressed ancient plaster. Terra is easily tinted for interior and exterior applications.

Texstōn Tuscany

A plaster comprised of limestone-cement and coarse sands and aggregates. Texston’s proprietary additives and polymers enhance this very traditional “old world product.” The finished look varies vastly, from a sandy texture to a look that emulates honed stone. The sheen can be matte to satin gloss. The surface can be left smooth or pitted. Tuscany can be carved, cast and molded; Tuscany can easily be tinted to a wide variety of colors despite its natural limestone composition. Finished color can range from monochromatic to substantially variegated.

Texstōn Ortex

Limestone, cement plaster, designed for exterior use in a one coat application, pitted-look, old-world or smooth. Standard colors. Custom colors available. Easy to apply.

Texstōn Kurkarit

A unique, extra-coarse-plaster, comprised of limestone cement, Mediterranean desert sand, and unique marble aggregate. This is a modern version of historical Mediterranean mud plasters. Kurkarit produces heavy rustic texture, but can also be honed like stone to a smooth polished surface showing its pink and blue marble aggregate.