Natural Mineral Aged Slaked Lime Plasters

(wet product)

Texstōn Antico

A medium-fine aggregate, aged lime paste-plaster derived from the combination of lime putty, marble flour, and dolomite aggregate. It typically produces a suede-like sheen, but can be easily polished to a high luster. Antico can range from nearly monochromatic to highly mottled. It can be used for projects ranging from residential to high traffic commercial applications.

Texstōn Dottinato

Dottinato is a wet, slaked lime plaster containing black crushed granite. It creates a “pepper” effect when used under Palazzo or Veneciano.

Texstōn Marmorino

Marmorino is a coarse, aggregate, aged-lime paste plaster that is a result of the combination of lime putty, marble flour, and washed sea sand. The name “Marmorino” derives from the Italian word for marble. The installed product can range from an extremely rough, matte, crackled finish to a smooth, high sheen leathery feeling finish. The color of the Marmorino can range from uniform to extremely mottled and burnished.

Texstōn Palladino

Back in the Renaissance, exterior walls of the magnificent Venetian villas have been covered by a pure white lime based finish, invented by the world famous Architect Andrea Palladio, still visible in most of Veneto architectural sights. Five hundred years later Texston presents Palladino, an updated version of the same aesthetics, specifically formulated for external surfaces. Thanks to tradition and technology, its innovative formula contains special ingredients and its solvent free formulation is extremely low in chemical additives (less than 3% in dry residue). In combination with other products Palladino can be applied in 3 different options: glossy, completely mat, and mat with natural shading.

Texstōn Palazzo

Palazzo is a medium-fine, aggregate lime paste-plaster that resulted from a combination of lime putty and carrera marble aggregate. The application process of Palazzo is simple and straight-forward. This is an ideal product for the less experienced applicator. The installed product is typically satin type sheen, but can be easily polished to a high luster. Palazzo can range from almost monochromatic to significantly mottled.

Texstōn Veneciano

The finest lime paste plaster, a slightly translucent aggregate-free paste. The installed product is a smooth finish with naturally occurring color variegation. It gives walls a feeling of depth and motion. The finish can range from matte to a slick, high sheen. The luster of the finish can be further enhanced with a variety of natural waxes. Appropriate for both residential and high traffic commercial applications.