Company Story

Texstōn Industries, Inc.

 "The colors, when they are carefully laid on [lime putty] still wet, do not fade but are permanent... the smoothness of [lime plasters], due to the hard and dazzling white marble, will bring out the brilliant splendor of the colors"


Texstōn Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of fine plasters much like those used by the masters of the Renaissance era - both in composition and appearance. Combining old-world manufacturing principles with today's technology, Texstōn's product line has virtually no limits.

Texstōn's flagship products are environmentally friendly. They are made from naturally occurring ingredients. The process starts with quarried lime that is kilned, slaked, and aged in pits for over a year. Components such as marble dust and mineral aggregates are then incorporated and combined with modern additives for easier application, greater durability, and enhanced performance. The possibilities are endless with a wide variety of colors as well as undercoats, top coats, waxes, metallic powders, glazes, sealants, and specialty tools. The result is an environmentally safe, non-toxic, low-to-zero VOC product line that offers versatility and beauty unmatched by any other product on the market.

Texstōn provides customer support from beginning to end by working with architects and designers to create finishes tailored to each project, recommending installers, providing technical assistance, training, and on-site support to ensure a quality finish.

Texstōn represents not only a product, but a skilled and devoted staff that provides the exceptional service needed to achieve that perfect finish.

Texstōn has become a leader in the decorative plaster industry with an international presence of installations and product users in Japan, China, Dubai, Europe, Central America, and numerous US cities. Over and over again, people choose Texstōn for versatility, durability, environmental friendliness, and customer support.

Texstōn offers a complete line of plaster products, colorations, textures, samples, tools and services:

Aged Slaked Lime Putty Plasters

Texstōn's flagship line of natural mineral, mature slaked lime putty plasters.

Cement Plasters

Dry product line that provides an economical and lightweight alternative to quarried stone with unique textures.

Artisan Plasters

Wet artisan plasters that allow multiple decorative textures and effects.