Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plaster formulation and technique used originally to waterproof cisterns for the storing of drinking water and then as a coating for wet environments such as fountains and hammams (Turkish Baths). The extraordinary impermeability characteristics are comparable if not superior to the cocciopesto mortars used by the Romans for the construction of aqueducts, cisterns and baths. Tadelakt has been used outside in Morocco for 1000 years and survives today on some historic buildings.

Tadelakt is a natural hydraulic lime (NHL) plaster suitable for interiors and exteriors, base coats and finish coats. It can be applied to walls, floors, counters, shower stalls and can be rendered to achieve an infinite range of textures, from rustic with evident aggregate to smooth and glossy. Composed of natural hydraulic, producing an exceptionally durable plaster. Bonds to the surface through a natural chemical process resulting in a durable, breathable, lightfast coating.